Kindness, attention and respect

Many years ago, one of my patients who had lost a child to suicide, wrote to me to say:

Some years later I read this:

I have previously shared considerations of terrain between correlation and causation:

Nearly five years ago, England’s National Lead for Suicide Prevention featured in the British Medical Journal:

Five years on, Professor Appleby made this statement on social media in support of Dr Clare Gerada’s input to a Radio 4 discussion on antidepressants:

“Antidepressants work.  They are not placebo, they are not addictive. Emphatic from Dr Clare Gerada on BBC Radio 4. Dangerous to suggest otherwise” [10 March 2018]

Professor Sir Simon Wessely, President of the Royal Society for Medicine, [husband of Dr Gerada] has over 750 publications, including this:

New analyses of available data [much is not open] presents a different pattern analysis:

and this:

and this:

and this:

When it comes to the terrible loss that families face through suicide, I find these words from Elmet, to offer some comfort:

This week, the national lead on suicide prevention (for England) said: “Inexcusable to cause distress to families bereaved by suicide in pursuit of your own campaign”. This statement left me close to tears.

There is no “campaign” –  just love.

Had a steel-curtain-rail not not sheared I would not have been here, half-hid:

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  1. I am trying to get in touch with Dr, Peter Gotdon as he sent my son a reply to his e-mai lout of sheer desparation as I too am another mother with a son who has just taken his own life, He has been on antidepressants for 22years and he says it was with the withdrawa that has caused it and nobody would believe him. he just couldn’t go on any longer with these horrible side effects. He wanted to die with dignaty and would of loved to have gone to dignatas. Please can somebody get in touch with me and I would reply to Peter gorden . Peter told him to keep in touch as he would be there for him, I’m his Mum aged 81 this month and we have been talking it through what he wanted to do over the last 6 months with all this suffering. Now this next week I will be arranging his funneral, he really didnt want to die he loved life but he researched these anti depressants and knew nobody could do anything for him. Thankyou

    1. I am so so sad and upset about the death of your son Antony. I am about to e-mail Bridget with my phone number. Please feel free to phone at any time

      aye Peter G

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