“Good debate is respectful and constructive”

In December of 2018 The Royal College of Psychiatrists and the British Psychological Society came together to confirm a common set of ideals and principles. These were published in the Lancet and included the principle that “good debate” should be “respectful and constructive”.

What follows is an archive of some of the contributions made to social media by the author of “The Medical Model in Mental Health” which was published earlier this year. The full and necessary context for all of these contributions can be found on the author’s twitter timeline @SameiHuda where the following is made clear: “Views my own & not my employer” and “RT not agreement/ endorsement”

This archive – which appears to present a pattern of language – has been shared for one reason alone: to encourage respectful and constructive communications between schools of thought.

It is important to note that I am not on Twitter so none of the content in this archive is about me (as far as I am aware).

It is also important to note that I was one of the signatories (including a number of professionals and service users alike) who have written to relevant governing bodies raising concerns about how Dr Samei Huda’s social media interactions are sometimes neither respectful nor constructive.

The Royal College of Psychiatrists has, since the Lancet publication,“adopted a new set of values which underpin all that we do”. I am unsure how this set of values relates to “Core College Values”.  This new set of values begins with this statement on ‘Courage’ [interestingly, there is no mention here of the courage to speak up that Robert Francis recommended after his Inquiry into Mid-Staffs]:

Finally I want to say that my interest, as an NHS psychiatrist of 25 years, is how we can learn from each other in an open, respectful and constructive way.

A reminder of the full set of Royal College of Psychiatrists values:

Dr Samei Huda in his own words:

“Why some people can never admit they’re wrong: certainly applies to [———— and ————-]”

“I suspect many of them still want power and sell books as motivation for their anti psychiatry”

“When professionals participate in guild warfare it’s usually in their own self interest”

“I hope you aren’t falling for [————-‘s] guild war proposals’”

The Division of Clinical Psychology is waging “a war on psychiatry [and is] run by zealots [playing] fast and loose with the evidence”

The Division of Clinical Psychology “[initials stand for] Don’t Care for Probity”

The British Psychological Society monthly journal “[a] smug bullshit masquerading as wisdom not worthy of a sixth form magazine” [and added] “do the pages stick together I wonder?”

“Every day I do my job and help my patients is a big FU to [————–, ———— and ————-]”

“I bet [————] views go down like a turd in one’s margarita as far as the team are concerned”

6 January 2018 “My ‘problem’ is I don’t take the authority of some antipsychiatry psychologist or critical psychiatrist and accept their misinterpretations – I rely on the evidence of the research and what patients say. I don’t accept their claims of virtue – I judge virtue on action”

8 January 2018 “Said it before and I will say it again I’ve stopped asking why some people take an irrational hatred towards me”

30 December 2018 “Yup I am at it again – spreading accurate information Something that is anathema to some”

9 February 2018 “I’m against people abusing a complaints process by powerful professionals whose grievance is that they disagree with someone criticising their views – one of the basis of professional practice is to be able to have your ideas criticised”

27 February 2018 [1 in 5 Scots on antidepressants 1 in 7 in England] “Actually the rise isn’t because people are struggling to get off but because doctors are following the evidence which shows that antidepressants prevent relapse which is common in depression”

27 February 2018 “Psychiatrists who belong to critical psychiatry tradition do so because of conceptual and/or empirical confusion. It’s also a lucrative avenue to selling books”

27 February 2018 “. . . they seem to rely on ignorance”

15 July 2018 “[———-] shows an inability to interpret evidence . . .”

8 September 2018 “So in my week of trying to avoid arguments on Twitter I’ve managed it for one day”

1 November 2018 “The fragileness of people’s arguments is demonstrated by their calling any disagreement ‘rudeness’”

8 October 2018 “Biased and selective with the evidence designed to mislead people. Better to avoid this book”

8 October 2018 “One amongst many reasons his advice to psychiatry is rubbish because it is biased and based on a false conception of psychiatry”

21 October 2018 [in response to a tweet that asked define an established school of thought]: “Almost wholly mince”

8 September 2018 “Don’t believe the propaganda. There have been studies in the US that showed psychiatry wasn’t amongst the medical specialties with highest degree of financial interest from Pharma or medical device manufacturers. A few US shrinks get vast sums but they are exception”

8 September 2018 “It is propaganda. Despite your digging you were unaware of psychiatry not being amongst the most Pharma or other industry influences medical specialty or that psychotherapists often don’t declare COI in their articles. Maybe you are now informed to take this into account?”

22 September 2018 “Yeah, considering [———–] knows less than Bonnie [a picture of his dog] about diagnosis I don’t think I will be taking his Mystic Meg predictions seriously”

4 November 2018 “Professors who incite bad feelings against people who accurately critique their research should not be in science” Professor Rob Howard replied  “They are not actually in Science at all. Sad to see the tactics” [Professor Howard goes on to compare this Professor to President Donald Trump]

3 Dec 2018 [in retweeting ‘In Our Time: how did the Pope become infallible?’ “by listening to me and agreeing with everything I said #simples” [humour]

4 December 2018 “It’s lucky you are in Ireland as you clearly missed joint Royal College of Psychiatrists and British Psychological Society guidelines on respectful debating. Bye”

6 December 2018 “It’s weird I’m a nobody not important yet I seem to attract much opprobrium from white antipsychiatry professionals. Wonder why? It’s possible that because I’m not very important or prominent I’m easy to target to try to get into trouble. Or maybe I’m uppity?

6 December 2018 “If you find my tweets offensive just mute or block me” [Note: this does not stop the public viewing them. I have collected these tweets as somebody who is not on twitter]

9 December 2018 “’Samei spend more time on twitter.’ Said nobody. Ever.”

11 December 2018 “If you don’t want to be associated with Scientology then don’t associate with Scientology”

13 December 2018 [on a Letter published in the Lancet] “Purpose, humility, civility and science – A thread on how this letter fails on all four counts and signatories buttered parsnips pointless they need to take actions to mend their ways”

16 December 2018 “Psychiatry is under Pharma’s influence? Compared to other medical specialties its well down the list [as shared from the ‘Real Psychiatry’ blog of Dr George Dawson MD] Dr George Dawson MD replies “Never was important . . .”

17 November 2018 “Those with strong arguments have nothing to fear from open discussion. It is those with weak arguments or bad intentions that seek to silence opposing viewpoints”

21 December 2018 “There’s no progress [for ————] at best stagnation but more often regression. No chance of progress whilst it refuses to listen to honest criticism”

22 December 2018 “[—————] wouldn’t recognise a good philosophical argument even if it were a T-shirt saying ‘good philosophical argument’ whilst tap-dancing ‘I’m a good philosophical argument”

22 December 2018 “. . . . It’s a pity your brain finds truth so uninteresting but would explain why you believe and express so much falsehood. . .”

22 December 2018 [this statement was made about a Fellow of the Royal College of Psychiatrists] “[————] only makes sense to those who don’t really know about mental health and particularly about psychiatric diagnoses”

22 December 2018 “[———–] seems to involve deference to authority and an inability to recognise better arguments”

23 December 2018 “This is hilariously untrue. [———– and ———–] don’t do much quantitative research. [———– and ———–] do lots of studies involving looking at data – often in methodically flawed ways with skewed conclusions. Don’t buy the ‘we are persecuted mantra’”

31 December 2018 “Neither [——— nor ———-] are proper experts on [—————] – they are too hamstrung by their ideological chains to give a fair evaluation of the evidence. They may be eminent but lack the open mind to be real experts”


1 January 2019 “What’s interesting about Twitter is it flattens hierarchies – one subtle example is how jobbing clinicians like myself can directly question academics and those who get to publish papers – and show that they are often talking mince”

3 January 2019 “This is the kind of garbage from [—————–] which undermines his credibility as an expert. He’s pushing this line to sell books and get fans

3 January 2019 [two labelled t-shirts side-by-side] [T-shirt one states in capitals ‘LEADING SOCIAL MEDIA PSYCHIATRST’ and T-shirt two, in lower case ‘I’m just an uppity nobody – please don’t report me”] These images are shared with this statement: “The duality of man”

4 January 2019 “Who needs citations when experts with conflicts of interest (often undeclared) can just tell you something so? . . .

8 January 2019 “…. the ‘evidence’ in Mad in America is mostly junk quality anyway” .

19 January 2019 “You cannot make it up – Gotszche in an interview with the BMJ says his idea for his Institute came from Peter Breggin who’s pretty keen on selective and misleading accounts of evidence. Gotszche claims he wants honesty and integrity but didn’t declare his COI for the Maudsley debate

21 January 2019 “[————-] seems to have a problem with accuracy (amongst many other problems)”

21 January 2019 “. . . he was incorrect but I guess that’s the [———– test]  –  if [————] agrees with a statement it is usually wrong”

21 January 2019 [to an American psychiatrist] “Man who spends thread making factually incorrect statements interprets the truth as being defensive – I won’t swear merely point out he’s no Solzhenitsyn just wrong”

22 January 2019 “I don’t waste my time making complaints to employers trying to get people into trouble like the people who think they have superior values to me do”

22 January 2019 “When people who disagree with me but find my empirical and conceptual arguments are superior to theirs who then fall back on claiming I have bad values I wonder if they ever realise it is themselves who possess bad values such as intolerance or inability to change their mind?”

26 January 2019 “Had the fun experience this week of older white male professionals trying to intimidate me to curtail my free speech on Twitter. Come up with better arguments . . .”

26 January 2019 “When professors describe accurate critique of their pronouncements as ‘harassment’” [emoticon with tongue out]

26 January 2019 “Stopped wondering why I attract hate by people justifying it on a false basis. It’s their problem . . .”

29 January 2019 “I have made several points but your mind is incapable of seeing them . . . . [————] cannot recognise truth”

29 January 2019 “Twenty years of getting it wrong – an exercise in failure”

29 January 2019 “One example of moral cowardice is going along with antipsychiatry psychology . . ”

29 January 2019 “Research on Pharma/Big business influence has shown that psychiatry is way down the list of medical specialties being influenced – by all means lets be aware of it – but remember it’s a far bigger problem in the rest of medicine and surgery; undeclared COIs also big problem in psychotherapy”

29 January 2019 “[———–] simple rule you might follow that is true is that I do know better than you . . . Good night”

30 January 2019 “Today I relearned ….  [————-] is led by people with bad values. Night everyone.”

31 January 2019 “Just another day of being insulted on Twitter. Hilariously the self-appointed morality police will be sending complaints about me whilst ignoring their own terrible behaviour”

2 February 2019 “My further conflict of interest – I try to base my statements on the best quality evidence and abhor biased or poorly evidenced statements or terrible websites like Mad in America”

6 February 2019 “Ah but [————] with your love of those antipsychiatry psychologists and antipsychiatry trolls it does seem that birds of a feather stick together”

6 February 219 “For antipsychiatrists I am that most heinous of people to them DWIO – dark-skinned with informed opinion”

6 February 2019 “Ah [———–] with his aggression clearly on show this time. Just make unevidenced statements too. No wonder he is friendly with antipsychiatry trolls. By the way you are usually wrong”

7 February 2019 “Stupidity from [————] . . . The indictment is of [————] and it’s intellectual inability to grasp simple facts”

9 February 2019 “You attacked me for objecting to the use of complaints to silence criticism. They should practice tolerance and improving ideas . . . Muting your account byeee”

9 February 2019 “There seems to be a trend to attack people who are the ones adversely affected by unacceptable behaviour”

9 February 2019 “This clearly the official spin about open constructive debate whilst ignoring measures to suppress critique”

9 February 2019 “I have nothing to learn from baseless complaints . . .”

14 February 2019 “Arguments from ignorance, generalising the particular, misleading interpretations, commission of crucial information, lack of context given with the rest of medicine, undeclared COIs etc are not scientifically sound arguments except to those who want to believe”

10 Feb 2019 “Truly awful article by [———– and ————] a lot of arguing from ignorance”

4 March 2019 “An example of how biased [————] is here’s an example of a desperately poor paper he wrote . . . it’s part of the professional tradition for some that they are allowed to write whatever they want according  to their prejudices”

7 March 2019 “Yes bravery is important but [———–] is not brave he’s simply an ideologue – and also accurate language is also important . . .”

12 March 2019 “[———–] lacks any discernible critical skills . . . “

13 March 2019 [in relation to the media report of a systematic review into antidepressant withdrawal] “Maybe it’s just not that newsworthy?”

5 February 2019 “Why is [————-] so annoyed that [————-] and [————-] for [the Mental Elf blog] dismantled the [systematic review on antidepressant withdrawal] by [————- and ————–]? Doesn’t he want good science? Mind he is annoyed at me for pointing out he had not read a paper properly”

10 February 2019 “Medical doctors should know better than to threaten complaints because they don’t like the scientific evidence”

13 February 2019 “As for the term ‘pharma enmeshed’ – a lot of psychotherapy research is affected by undeclared COIs. And the paper that started this discussion by [———-] didn’t declare his COI of having an antipsychiatry meds book”

25 February 2019 “Lots of mental health research involves highly partisan interpretations of evidence or just plain misleading statements by an in crowd of academics”

19 March 2019 “ . . . the atrocious paper he recently published in Frontiers . . .”

23 March 2019 (in relation to an article on doctors and suicide) “It shows lack of empathy and psychosocial understanding for [———–] to retweet this article by [————]”

23 March 2019 “Funny how white Male Professors think its shocking being compared to a dog or Mussolini on Twitter. Try being a Muslim and see what you are called”

26 March 2019 “Anyone who follows my twitter account will know I have many ways to alienate people” [retweeted by a number of people including President Wendy Burn]

23 March 2019 “. . . pointing out your accurate knowledge of psychiatry is less than my dog does seem true . . .”

1 April 2019 “I am doing a books signing at the Royal College of Psychiatrists International Congress . . . if anyone wants me to sign a copy of The Medical Model in Mental Health”

4 April 2019 “[the] increase in prescriptions [of antidepressants] is due to use in pain, more people seeking treatment and longer duration to prevent relapse as per guidance”

4 April 2019 “Leadership is not about listening to people who make points not backed by the evidence or not giving proper context”

5 April 2019 “If only you would stick to the evidence instead of your unevidenced opinions”

17 April 2019 “If you want cowards who don’t like dissent see the antipsychiatry psychologists who make complaints to employers often anonymous to try and silence people – happens to me all the time”

20 April 2019 “Rodent behaviour does give an indication of how different substances affect motivation to take them . . .”

20 April 2019 “One thing about twitter is if I had any illusions that I was not an argumentative person they have been put to bed well and truly”

21 April 2019 “Luckily GMC and my employers are able to tell what are valid complaints and what are attempts to silence people for having a different view”

21 April 2019 “The complaints were baseless and ridiculous – it’s important to call out powerful people abusing complaints process to silence dissent”

21 April 2019 “Actually I critiqued [————-‘s] points and showed them to be worthless”

21 April 2019 “Antipsychiatrists can’t defend their poor arguments but instead attack people for pointing this out”

5 May 2019 “And I’m blocked. Good outcome as I won’t see his biased and selected citations to make his antipsychiatry points. Many of these antipsychiatry psychologists block people who point out their errors”

5 May 2019 “Notice how powerful academics decide what is decent and respectful”

6 May 2019 “The common intellectual background of #criticalpsychiatry and antipsychiatry psychology with the alt-right cruel right”

9 May 2019 “Please don’t be upset that I showed your assertions were false it’s just I happen to know [the] research better than you”

11 May 2019 “Hilariously it’s the second antipsychiatry professional to block me when I call out on their unprofessional behaviour today. I think they are so convinced of their own virtue they get a kernel of panic when it’s shown that they are less than honourable”

11 May 2019 “Interesting that psychiatry is far in advance of general medicine in terms of its conceptualisations of the nature of diagnostic constructs as well as how to evaluate their usefulness and whether they should be introduced”

11 May 2019 “Actually no that’s one interpretation that doesn’t fit the facts. Anyway read the books I suggested if you want an accurate account not some theory you like because it appeals to you despite its lack of correspondence to reality”

12 May 2019 “The only tortured excuses and long-list of irrelevant arguments are from this guy”

12 May 2019 [Pinned tweet is being discussed] “For some reason this tweet really offends the antipsychiatry lot”

12 May 2019 “If anybody is in thrall to their ego rather than the facts you need to look in the mirror”

12 May 2019 “Wow being an uppity nobody seems to attract hate from white people all over the globe thanks to the wonder of technology”

14 May 2019 “The problem with [————–] is that it has abandoned evidenced based thinking for shoddy evidence free propaganda . . . .”

19 May 2019 [#tag of international conference] “delegates may be interested in my new book available for pre-order in North America”

22 May 2019 “And there’s the problem – asking [————] and [————–] about diagnosis and the medical model is like asking Tommy Robinson about Muslims. Better to use more informed and less biased inspirations.

23 May 2019 “’Wrong again [————]” would be the catchphrase used in response to [———–] if he was in a sitcom”

24 May 2019 “. . . to be fair they don’t understand many things not just addiction”

24 May 2019 “So for my next essay I’m thinking of critiquing [————- and ————–] article [in the British Journal of Psychiatry] on this anti-scientific approach to clinical practice”

25 May 2019 “Yes your views are simplistic and inaccurate . . . “

25 May 2019 “And yes my view is more balanced as I base it on more accurate concepts and facts. Happy to help”

29 May 2019 “Clinical Psychology trainees looking for an accurate and useful depiction of the medical model – I have written a useful guide – available from Amazon, Waterstones and Blackwells [hyperlink to book given]

29 May 2019 [7 minutes later]  [with Amazon link] “Given the importance of the medical model in mental health and how poorly it’s understood I wrote a book to explain it and evaluate its performance”

29 May 2019 [same day] “A good starting point ….” [shared link to Amazon page for the book ‘The Medical Model in Mental Health’”]

3 June 2019 “It is amazing how professors of Psychology are allowed by the BPS to ignore the guidelines on respectful debating on social media. Who was to know that privilege extends carte blanche to behave badly?”

6 June 2019 “[————-] is being disingenuous – quelle surprise – research from the US shows psychiatry is far down the list of medical specialties receiving money from pharmaceutical industry [source George Dawson MD] Also [they] forget to mention their own conflicts of interest . . .”

10 June 2019 “All very strange when people who try to bully others claim to be victims of oppression”

11 June 2019 “The man has a point!  ‘Coincidence or not’ [this school of thought] has arisen at the time of Brexit so represents the values of Farage” [emoticon with tearful laughter follows]

11 June 2019 Reading the chapter on conceptual alternatives to diagnosis and trying my best to ignore the use of insinuation and false facts but really it would be better to bleach my eyes . . . “

12 June 2019 “When the worst thing that people can say about your argument is they don’t like the tone of your language it’s a tacit admission that your argument is strong but they cannot bear to say it openly – a reflection on their values”

12 June 2019 “Yes the person could not identify any logical fallacies. Believe me if they could they would have pointed them out”

13 June 2019 “It’s a sign of desperation that somebody makes baseless complaints about you to your employer then blogs about you and states complaints have been made about me without mentioning he was one of the people doing it. Yet the person espouses he wants openness”

13 June 2019 “Best feedback for my book ‘I disagree with it but I can’t identify why but we’ll be done”. . . . A twitter colleague responds “Don’t worry here is a proper review”

13 June 2019 [Dr Huda shows a GIF of a despairing animal] [somebody on his timeline asks: what is it exactly about your book Samei that will make critical psychiatrists having fits of this sort? Excellent GIF btw” [Reply begins with smiley face emoticon] “They don’t like their ideas being evaluated against evidence – and found wanting”

14 June 2019 “One thing I cannot stand is bullying hypocrites who act like they are saints”

15 June 2019 “Of course ideologies can be inaccurate especially if based on false facts and concepts”

17 June 2019 [re next book-signing event] “Can I do it in my broadest accent at Glasgow speed? Opening line “there’s been a murder . . . of antipsychiatry psychology and #criticalpsychiatry tenets”

22 June 2019 “If my book doesn’t make sense carry out these measures: keep drinking Irn Bru and eating Kebabs until it does”

30 June 2019 “What makes me angry is people making misleading statements . . . [in reference to antidepressants effectiveness] … all treatments including therapy have side effects”

30 June 2019 “… the ‘calm not expressing emotion’ is something that is the hallmark of public school/elitist British and people who do express emotion are looked down upon. As a voluble Glaswegian I’m often tone policed”

30 June 2019 [in response to this tweet “First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, ten you win”]  “I am on the second last stage”

4 July 2019 [quoting Prof Linda Gask?] “angry clashes between professionals often cause distress to patients and/or service users”

4 July 2019 [quoting Prof Rob Poole?] “I have no problem with service users criticising psychiatrists and psychiatry. I don’t think it’s a good idea for professionals to be fighting each other”

6 July 2019 [when conversing with the Council for Evidence Based Psychiatry] “To listen to this body is like listening to UKIP about the EU or Muslims”

6 July 2019 “Always a pleasure to call out bad faith arguments” [followed by thumbs up emoticon]

6 July 2019 “I donate my time freely to correct misinformation including that from members of your organisation . . . “

7 July 2019 “When I tested [——–] critical appraisal skills on an awful paper [by ———–] he made basic errors due to bias”

8 July 2019 “[——–] likes to big up his own abilities in his guild warfare — Is he an example of Dunning-Kruger?”

8 July 2019 “…. It has been shown to be empirically false in my book. Starting from a falsehood led to further incorrect statements. Are they scientific/ethical enough to admit this?”

9 July 2019 “The authors need to read my book – assuming they are capable of taking on board facts that contradict their false assumptions”

9 July 2019 “…. My book addresses the same old mistakes [link provided] when the facts change I change my mind, what do you do?”

9 July 2019 “[——-] arguments are rebutted in my book”

9 July 2019 “Study repeats the same old mistakes – read my book which has a detailed review of evidence. The authors are simply entrenched in their view and are not interested in things like facts”

9 July 2019 “Actually clinical utility is based on research evidence and philosophy – read my book”

10 July 2019 “It’s a good job my book is coming out in May so people [who] are interested in accurate depictions of psychiatry’s model and treatments there’s a good source for them”

10 July 2019 “Qualitative research is often abused by researchers to use participants speech and then extract what they want to push their own views”

10 July 2019 “Observation is never totally objective and involves pre-existing concepts structuring it but I think qualitative techniques are even more susceptible than quantitative to bias of researchers”

10 July 2019 “I know I said this before but I am going to try and have less arguments on twitter”

10 July 2019 “Actually incorrect . . . On the plus side it does allow me to add to the mute list of people I’m going to lose nothing by not hearing again”

11 July 2019 “Sorry my promise to try and avoid arguments seems to have bust twitter. It’s a sign from God – don’t make promises you can’t keep”

12 July 2019 “It’s the sign of a poor scientist that they wish to silence better arguments because they find them distressing”

12 July 2019 “A detailed discussion informed by evidence and accurate concepts of these issues can be found in my book [hyperlink shared]”

13 July 2019 “I have read the first couple of paragraphs and [———–] has already made factual and conceptual errors . . . they need to read my book”

13 July 2019 “Read my book as it contains clear and factual information on psychiatry”

13 July 2019 “Sorry I know I said no arguments but when it comes to some issues I can’t stay silent”

13 July 2019 “a couple of days before the usual suspects annoyed me”

13 July 2019 “Would explain why [————-] regard me as bullying and hectoring – they cannot bear anyone being ‘uppity’ by providing facts and better arguments . . .”

14 July 2019 “Thankfully [derogatory name that Dr Huda has given] seem to have stopped following me. I guess being called out on their tolerance of failing to declare COI [this organisation is voluntary] . . 16 July 2019 “The Medical Model in Mental Health . . [link shared] now on sale in the United States”

14 July 2019 “. . . how many [————] members declare their COIs from getting royalties from writing books attacking psychiatry and psychiatric medication? . . . “

16 July 2019 The Medical Model in Mental Health . . [link shared] now on sale in the United States and Canada too!”

19 July 2019 “ I was highly amused at the International Congress of the Royal College of Psychiatrists that my book on The Medical Model in Mental Health, that gathers lots of evidence on why [———–] and his followers are wrong sold out, and there were still lots of copies of the book on [————‘s] legacy on the shelf”

21 July 2019 “Critics of psychiatry seem to love ad hominem instead of an actual evidence based argument”

21 July 2019 “Well I trust my direct review of evidence based on textbooks of medicine, psychiatry, philosophy, textbooks  in nosology and health and about 1000 papers. What are your sources?”

22 July 2019 “Mute is fabulous – the best way to deal with arrogant insulting people”

24 July 2019 “The problem I have with qualitative research in mental health is not that it’s potentially valuable but often there seems a lack of reflexivity of how the researchers pre-existing views might affect the outcomes as the recent biased paper on diagnosis by [————] and [————-] et al”

24 July 2019 [retweeted this] “Also it’s qualitative research, by definition it has big limitations”

26 July 2019 [sharing the link of his book to National broadcaster] “I think you will find my book educational . . . some of your experts are wrong!”

29 July 2019 “I’ve not really argued with anyone for at least 6 hours on twitter. Well, not really”

29 July 2019 “Now you are making stuff up”

29 July 2019 “I found your critique of the blog was awful and insulting

30 July 2019 “My book has a detailed analysis of this issue [hyperlink to sellers]”

30 July 2019 “The author of this piece needs to read my book [link shared]”

31 July 2019 [to national broadcaster] “Hi perhaps interview me as part of these series? You might get a more balanced accurate view than the experts you chose who have an inaccurate view of diagnosis and treatment in psychiatry which I have written a book on [link to book]”

1 August 2019 [on a Channel 4 programme on mental health and young adults] “And did he or program mention he makes money out of books attacking psychiatry and psychiatric medication?”

1 August 2019 [on a Channel 4 programme on mental health and young adults] “yes, the problem is for general viewer they had no way of separating out the dross from the true”

3 August 2019 “Of course [————–] is projecting – it’s the professionals who criticise psychiatry who behave badly – whether its Astro-turfing antipsychiatry movements, writing misleading material or using baseless complaints to employers to silence critics”

9 Aug 2019 “Not simplifying the argument. I quoted what they said when analysing it and showing it for the bunkum it is . . . it is a failed movement”

10 Aug 2019 “. . . his lack of cogent arguments and inability to tolerate critique is all too common”

10 August 2019 “. . . put aside your fragile ego [———-] and listen to critique”

10 August 2019 “I believe in plurality of strong competing ideas to improve things for everyone . . .”

12 August 2019 “Using others misinformation to justify your own misinformation is not acceptable in healthcare professionals. Try and be accurate. In health care the casualties of misinformation is not just truth but patients health”

15 August 2019 “Opinion is free but facts are sacred (yes I’ve modified the statement)”

7 September 2019 “It basically reveals that their views are largely junk and out of keeping with the evidence but their network is against having their views challenged”

8 September 2019 “Psychiatry should only include elements of value to patients. Given much of [—————-] is conceptually and empirically inaccurate there is little place for it.”

8 September 2019 “I Know people may feel I have ‘slipped’ from tweeting about MH because some people have painted a target on my back to get me to stop but sometimes I have to respond to poor quality information I see out there. Will continue to try and stop my tweeting fingers”

15 September 2019 “It’s beyond irony that those who complain about insults are very happy to write frequent attacks on me”

17 September 2019 “I’m sorry I broke my twitter omertà and no doubt the hater and his antipsychiatry mates are tutting away but to see the rubbish I just saw I cannot stay silent.”

22 September 2019 “It is rather telling that those antipsychiatrists who attack my values and character seem happy to converse in a friendly manner with a Tommy Robinson fan”

22 September 2019 “Apparently I am Satan”

25 September 2019 “Let’s put it this way I do play nice it’s the other guy who doesn’t [smiley emoticon]”

28 September 2019 “For an antidote to misleading [————– and ————–] I recommend this – (but I did write it)”

29 September 2019 “Every now and then I pick up my book and read bits and think ‘wow, I did that!'”

1 October 2019 “I’m going to try to go back to my Twitter omerta on mental health . . . it saves me harassment from the haters . . .”

6 October 2019 “It’s always amusing to see people whip themselves and others into a lather of hatred over nothing”

8 October 2019 “To be fully informed ignore [—————] which is full of biased and inaccurate information. Shame on the mental health ‘professionals’ who push this misleading stuff on patients”

8 October 2019 ” There’s [————–] whose name I forget and [—————-] the anthropologist who run the account of this joke organisation. The account has terrible values.”

12 October 2019 ” The only ‘neck’ is from [————- ————-] who don’t tell the truth about what I say.”

13 October 2019 “Antipsychiatry accounts are always willing to try and offer excuses for unacceptable behaviour from other Antipsychiatry accounts”. [This was in response to this tweet “I’m not ‘anti-psychiatry’ I’m pro human rights, pro informed consent. I will side with the powerless over the powerful. I do not excuse personal attacks and I do not dismiss possible explanations for unacceptable behaviour. I was taught well by some great psychiatrists”

13 October 2019 “Yes I’m actually more critical than [——————] in many ways because I try to start from a position of accurate concepts and facts then interrogate further . . . . My devotion to accurate facts and concepts qualifies me as a “mischief maker” for [————-]”

17 October 2019 “Willingness to comment negatively on the Medical Model and diagnosis by Mental Health professionals seems to be in inverse correlation to knowledge about the Medical Model and diagnosis”

17 October 2019 “. . . my interest in philosophy allows me to see outside of my paradigm. The criticisms I see are by professionals who are unable to view outside their own paradigms, who are inaccurate about the concepts they describe and are ignorant of the evidence.”

27 October 2019 “Isn’t it strange that THAT guy who complains about my tone and language never seems to notice when people attack me on the basis of my skin colour or make defamatory comments about me” [capitalization as per original]

29 October 2019 “I wonder if this comment will attract another complaint. Some academics do not like their statements being criticised even when they are false or misleading . . .”

2 November 2019 “The interesting thing about Twitter is that I have learned that accurate facts and concepts will not persuade the determined”

2 November 2019 “. . . I can take him to my Adult ADHD clinic and show him what mince he speaks”

2 November 2019 “It’s funny seeing people that are abusive and who try to silence people who disagree with them try and claim the moral high ground”

8 November 2019 “You know it’s obvious why certain antipsychiatry accounts have been abusive to me, made baseless comments to my employers, and lie about what I say – they think Tommy Robinson is an ‘activist’. Clearly I am being ‘uppity'”

8 November 2019 “It is interesting that the person who attacks my values is chummy with people who seem to regard Tommy Robinson as an ‘activist’. I’m glad my values are different from this person.”

8 November 2019 “Ah, [————-] needs to read my book. His comments are an example of Firehosing. Plenty of evidence that psychiatric medication is effective and there is an overlap in effectiveness with treatments used in general medicine. Facts eh? Pesky things.”

9 November 2019 “What [they] don’t tell you as they don’t like to give accurate and whole picture of the evidence is that the paper also showed GPs accepting gifts were more likely to prescribe expensive versions of many general medical drugs except antidepressants”

9 November 2019: In relation to this BMJ ‘Evidence-Synthesis’: Should antidepressants be used for major depressive disorder, Dr Huda states:”That Journal has poor processes that allow biased rants against antidepressants that minimised effectiveness and just concentrated on harms. In fact antidepressants are just as effective as psychotherapy in acute treatment of depression”

9 November 2019 “[to think like them] you have to fail an exam testing your ability to interpret research findings properly”

9 November 2019 “Oh for gods sake. Have you no idea of “confounding effects”? Depression is common in dementia prodrome therefore people get prescribed antidepressants, the dementia was going to happen anyway. So glad I’m muting this thread to spare me the [————-] mince”

9 November 2019 “My philosophy essay is proving hard work so trying to make it a bit more enjoyable by giving someone’s argument a bit of a kicking”

9 November 2019 “It seems like ‘overly confident’ is the new ‘uppity'” followed by this retweet “I got hit with it a few times. It’s nice between the obscenity and paranoia”

9 November 2019 “It’s weird that the person who claims to be about respectful debate on social media never asks the abusive accounts they are mates with to reign it in or acts in a respectful way themselves and tries to shut down viewpoints they disagree with.”

10 November 2019 “Wrong again it’s [——————–] that is wrong again. If only they actually were good at critical thinking. The empirical evidence demonstrated they were wrong . . . .”

11 November 2019 “I wait 3 seconds and I get a ridiculous comment by an antipsychiatrist- my statement was true – I guess facts are unwelcome to antipsychiatry”

11 November 2019 “Antipsychiatry seems beset by conceptual confusion, empirical inaccuracies and at best white fragility and problematic behaviours and attitudes on race”

12 November 2019 [in response to this statement “it seems you are only interested in polemics” on a Twitter thread about philosophy]: “No it’s just that its a straw man argument used to be against a hard line logical positivism therefore dump all positivism. And arguably need more and better science not ‘post-scientism’ which opens to door to all kind of woo”

12 November 2019 “Actually the non-sense has been coming from you And when provided evidence you don’t like which contradicts your simple and false views . . .”

12 November 2019 “Of course they are free to speculate based on poor evidence or just what they want to believe . . .  And it’s forbidden to bring up actual evidence of their behaviour”

12 November 2019 “There’s certainly a guild warfare element amongst [——————–] and they are on a crusade in the historical sense of the term – after power”

17 November 2011 “. . .  constructivist approach of trying to work out what psychiatrists think based on [——————-] own biases and getting it wrong. Again.”

17 November 2011 “Rather than admit he was wrong [—————] has to make irrelevant points – the faults of [—————-] illustrated”


7 Replies to ““Good debate is respectful and constructive””

  1. I think it is quite useful when psychiatrists show their inability to take other people’s perspective and their inability to tolerate disagreement a public forum. It shows people who are struggling how little psychiatry has to offer, and how their concerns and fears are likely to be treated should they step into a psychiatrists office. It’s a public warning about your profession. One more eloquent than any anti psychiatrist could offer.

  2. Just to confirm that I do not have a Twitter account and have had no twitter account since I left in December 2014. I am confirming this as a Twitter follower of Dr Huda (the same follower who questioned if I had ever read his Text book) now seems to be implying that I have a secret Twitter account. I do not. I feel it is very important to confirm this, not least for the reason that the above archive of Tweets demonstrates that anyone without a Twitter account CAN read, follow and keep record of what ANY individual says on Twitter.

    From the time period before I resigned from the Royal College of Psychiatrists (one of the reasons I resigned was in relation to core values of the College not always being upheld) I have kept an eye on the daily contributions to Twitter from a number of
    influential social media contributors, including Dr Huda. I have taken note of contributors comments, for as with numbers, language can reveal patterns.

    I have done this because I worry that the overall narrative and message conveyed might leave vulnerable individuals frightened and fearful: as they watch different schools of thought be disrespectful to one another on social media.


  3. My post [independent of any other contributors] was intended to encourage individuals and organisations to reflect upon what could be considered as respectful and constructive use of language.

    Peter J Gordon

  4. Thank you for compiling these quotes from Dr Huda. It certainly is very distressing to see the way some professionals communicate on Twitter and simply leaves patients like me with even less respect than we might otherwise have had. It certainly does not improve the image of psychiatry.

  5. I’ve talked to quite a few psychiatrists in my time, the first one set a very high standard for the others to follow: he listened and was kind and caring. He was also a highly intelligent and educated man but it was his basic humanity that I valued the most. I’m often hard pressed to find this among the psychiatrists on Twitter many of whom don’t think we drug wrecks deserve much attention. There is much that Dr Huda and others could have learned from my first psychiatrist.

  6. This post [independent of any other contributors] was intended to encourage individuals and organisations to reflect upon what could be considered as respectful and constructive use of language. Following the post – which contains only the words of Dr Samei Huda – the following statements by healthcare professionals were made:

    Dr Samei Huda [18 August 2019] “It’s hilarious when somebody writes a blog to attack me and just shows himself up”

    Dr Samei Huda [27 August 2019] “It’s amazing how people convince themselves you have said something different to what you have”

    Daniel Winarick, Ph.D [18 August 2019] “Freaking out control twitter mob trying to take down – imo, based on his feed and book – a very solid psychiatrist who happens to believe that psychiatric medication is not the devil and rightfully says so in a neutral manner.”

    Daniel Winarick, Ph.D [18 August 2019] “Honestly, I’m very confused why you, Samei, are perceived as controversial or offensive. Do what is best for yourself but know you would be missed by fair minded colleagues”

    Daniel Winarick, Ph.D [18 August 2019] “There is an argument that your absence from twitter might be dangerous for public health imo as the threat of psychiatric disinformation is strong.”

    Daniel Winarick, Ph.D [27 August 2019] “You, Samei, are the least offensive person ever.”

    Dr Chris Manning [18 August 2019] “‘Rule 1. Never wrestle a pig, you get dirty and the pigs enjoy it”. Subject to any GMC guidance/requirements, your voice should not be staunched.”

    Dr Nuwan Dissanayaka [18 August 2019] “Unless behaviour is unprofessional (which I’ve not seen from Dr Samei Huda) such threats are frankly pathetic. Mental health is complicated and debate is really helpful. It’s the usual suspects, unable to defend their positions with rational arguments who repeatedly resort to this nonsense”

    Professor Linda Gask [18 August 2019] “Don’t take the bait Samei”

    Professor Rob Howard [18 August 2019] “Keep it up Samei. You are patient, lucid and professional in your tweets. The threats you receive indicate only that these people know they are losing the argument”

    Dr Sameer Jauhar [24 August 2019] “Bullies. Rob is correct . You’re a threat. How dare you question things? Know your place.”

    Prof Robert Howard [24 August 2019] “I received a couple of unsavoury or nuisance emails after that tweet. Can imagine what Samei has had to put up with and it shouldn’t be rewarded.”

    Dr Sameer Jauhar [24 August 2019] “Or tolerated”

    Dr Erum Nomani [26 August 2018] “You are immensely brave to address the anti psychiatry brigade. And you do it directly and politely with facts. Thank you”

    Dr Paul Morrison [27 September 2019] “You are doing a fine job Sir! Zero tolerance of anti-psychiatry propaganda. And a refusal to be bullied into silence. Hats off!”

    Dr Paul Morrison [29 September 2019] “You are behaving like a gentleman as ever young Sir. It is important that a health scare is challenged. Well done, remaining dignified.”

    Dr Mark Swinton [29 September 2019] “Anti-psychiatrists use Twitter to bypass the psychiatric ‘MSM’ and get their distorted message directly to patients. And people like Dr Huda here who challenge them gently are very brave to do so.”

    In the past the following statement was made:

    Paul Rees, CEO of the Royal College of Psychiatrists [15 November 2018] “It is my judgement that [these social media comments] do not contravene any College codes or policies as Dr Samei Huda and Dr Paul Morrison have made fair and reasonable statements as part of a fair and robust debate.”

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