“Sink or swim”

Today is the last day of the International Congress of the Royal College of Psychiatrists for 2019. It is being held in London and is entitled “Psychiatry: Inspiring Minds”

I have followed some of this accredited educational conference remotely through #RCPsychIC

One attendee shared pictures of artwork on display at the event, including this painting called “Sink or swim”:

This reminded me of the previous President of the Royal College who signed an e-mail to me with “Sink”. The previous President has stated that he simply misspelled his name. My experience of the Royal College of Psychiatrists can be read here. Like the rats in the PORSOLT test I have found myself sinking as a result of this experience.

The International Congress brings a significant revenue to the Royal College of Psychiatrists. Many people would not be able to afford to attend. What has been shared on #RCPsychIC would suggest it is an event to celebrate psychiatry. College branding and the College media team seem to be ever-present and there is the annual awarding of honorary fellowships and prizes. At the Congress there has been much encouragement of the professional use of social media but also a reminder that online presence should “meet professional standards”.

This is the first year I have followed the International Congress as a non-member of the College. It has reminded me that I made the right decision to leave the Royal College of Psychiatrists as its current culture leaves me most uncomfortable.




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