Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival

The Chair of the Royal College of Psychiatrists in Scotland recently presented the awards for this years best films. In past years I have been one of the judges for the films submitted to the Festival. Had I submitted it, I wonder what the Chair of RCPsych Scotland might have made of this film by me:

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  1. Thank you Chrissie.

    All I know for sure is that the Chair of RCPsych Scotland expressed concerns about my mental health to my employers. I do not know Dr John Crichton and have only spoken to him once on the phone. I asked if he supported Sunshine legislation and also if he thought 1 in 5 Scots taking antidepressants was Realistic Medicine. He avoided answering these questions.

    I am aware that he has described me to RCPsych HQ as “difficult” in relation to antidepressants. However this is not fair. I have consistently argued that lived experience is vital when we lack evidence to support long-term treatment.

    Seroxat nearly killed me. I lost a year of my life and my wee children and wife suffered terribly.

    Whilst I am not on social media, I have been shocked and upset to witness events of the last 48 hours involving the Royal College of Psychiatrists (as summarised here:

    aye Peter Gordon
    Bridge of Allan

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