On the 29th April 2019, André Tomlin, a Founder and Board Member of Minervation Ltd,  shared on social media:

“I started the Mental Elf 8 years ago. Today we ticked past 70k followers. Big thanks to everyone who supports what we do. Please keep reading the blogs and tweeting about them”

Dr Allen Frances, Chair, DSM-IV Task Force. Former Chair, Duke Dept of Psychiatry, who is also prolific on social media replied:

“My favourite twitter source is @Mental_Elf. Quick/fair/thoughtful reviews of all the most important topics in #mentalhealth. Thank you for all you do!”

It is my view that the contributions of both ‘The Mental Elf’ and Allen Frances to wider discourse on mental wellbeing really do matter.

I have absolutely no issue with ‘Mental Elf’ being a business.  However I am not at all sure how many realise this?

What concerns me is that Minervation Ltd, like the Royal College of Psychiatrists and the Science Media Centre do not support Sunshine legislation.

[Sunshine legislation would make full disclosure of competing financial interests to be mandatory].

Without sunshine legislation the following strapline promises cannot be guaranteed:

The Mental Elf: “No Bias. No Misinformation. No Spin”

The Science Media Centre: “The media will DO science better when scientists DO the media better.”

The Royal College of Psychiatrists: “Improving the lives of people . . .”

2 Replies to “70,000 followers”

  1. So sad. I get really harmed by what MentalElf puts out there. It’s so pro-medical model. So anti-human rights, autonomy, freedom of thought & movement etc. Is it any surprise all the compliments are from organisations and individuals that make money out of medical model and/or also repress movement towards human rights, justice recognition and an end to Violence, abuse and exploitation in all environments and settings?

    1. Thank you.

      My concern relates to the lack of regulation of businesses involved in Medical Education.

      The Mental Elf [Minervation Ltd] has effectively monopolised continuing medical education in psychiatry. It is entirely legitimate to ask questions about the basis of any such business.

      aye Peter Gordon

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