“a twitter spat”

Included in a heavily redacted response from the Royal College of Psychiatrists to a FOI request was the above internal communication. The identification of the sender has been redacted but it was copied to both the President and CEO of the College.

It was interesting to learn that my original communication [below] was described as a “twitter spat”. I left social media many years ago. The other three e-mails to Paul Rees [sent the same day, after breakfast] were simply cc’s to the College members involved in this social media exchange. I prefer to be open rather than anonymous.

On the 15 November 2018 the CEO of the Royal College of Psychiatrists replied:

“It is my judgement that they do not contravene any College codes or policies as Dr Huda and Dr Morrison have made fair and reasonable statements as part of a fair and robust debate.”

By this juncture I had come to conclude that the College [which I had been a member of for almost a quarter of a century] was no longer upholding the values which matter to me as a practicing doctor. Shortly afterwards I formally resigned from the College.

This film, made by me shortly after my resignation, begins with the publicly expressed words of the two members of the Royal College of Psychiatrists involved. [Please note: I know neither of them].

Sent: 20 October 2018 10:01am
To: Paul Rees, CEO, Royal College of Psychiatrists

Saturday, 20th October 2018.

Dear Mr Rees,
Re: Dr Samei Huda and Dr Paul Morrison and public exchanges on social media

Does the Royal College of Psychiatrists approve of this sort of online social media behaviour of these Members?

I look forward to reassurance that this is all considered acceptable in relation to College codes and policies on social media and public conduct.

Kind wishes

Dr Peter J. Gordon
Bridge of Allan

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