Dr William Sargant did not write these words

Dr William Sargant (1907-1988) was a major force in British Psychiatry. Dr Sargant campaigned for the Medical Model of Psychiatry with military zeal. He had no interest in treatments that he did not consider as “medical”.

The eyes in the above image are those of Dr William Sargant (from a 1947) photograph.

The words in the above image are not those of Dr William Sargant. They are the publicly made words of a current British Psychiatrist. The Royal College of Psychiatrists, at a most senior level, has deemed these words – all made in the public domain – to fall within values that it expects of its members.

Please Note:

None of these statements were made about me. I do not know this psychiatrist. My interest in this is the way that scientists and the medical profession may use language. I do not contribute to social media sites such as twitter. 

Conflict of interest:

One of the reasons that I resigned from the Royal College of Psychiatrists was over concerns in relation to values.

I have petitioned for a Sunshine Act for Scotland.

I am not an anti-psychiatrist. I am not a critical psychiatrist. I am just peter. I have a need to listen to all voices without labeling anybody.

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