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A recent NHS Scotland study by Professor Daniel J. Smith of the University of Glasgow was widely reported because of the “concerning findings”. This was a typical headline [the Herald]:The authors concluded that one of the likely reasons for this  is that “the pharmaceutical industry has successfully promoted the use of alternatives”. 

Following this I asked the following questions to Professor Daniel Smith and to the Chief Medical Officer for Scotland. As yet I have had no reply. I am not on social media but perhaps somebody might share this post with both Professor Smith and the Chief Medical Officer for Scotland.

3rd March 2019.

To: Professor Daniel J Smith, University of Glasgow (copied to Professor Catherine Calderwood, Chief Medical Officer for Scotland)

From: Dr Peter J Gordon (GMC 3468861)

Dear Dr Smith,

Re: Changes in prescribing for bipolar disorder between 2009 and 2016

Might you confirm if you support Sunshine legislation? 

The Scottish Government does not. The Scottish people do (see official consultation)

Does your study reveal Realistic Medicine? Does it show that patient well-being and safety have been put first? Are you confident that from now on “fully informed consent” can be guaranteed in NHS Scotland?

Yours sincerely,
Peter J Gordon

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