A visit to a Tranquilliser Project

The President of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, 27th February 2019:

“Really interesting  visit to Bristol and District Tranquilliser Project. Heard from people with lived experience of withdrawing from tranquillisers. Need to work out how this service can be extended to other parts of the UK”

This was a meeting set up by the Royal College of Psychiatrists in response to real world concerns about antidepressants. The concerns raised were not a “campaign” [as labeled by Professor Wendy Bun] but a collective wide-world voice of experience.

This meeting with the Bristol Project was set up in secret. As was the meeting before it on the potential for antidepressant dependence and severe withdrawal.

My conclusion: if you have had bad experiences of psychiatric medications your views will be lost. Unless you are considered “tranquilized”.

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