‘The power of language use in psychiatry’

All material used in this pictogram comes from published sources in the public domain:

The power of language: Use in psychiatry; Rif S. El-Mallakh, and Sabine Doenninghaus; Published online: 02 January 2018, The British Journal of Psychiatry, Volume 208, Issue 1 January 2016 , pp. 7-8

No more free lunches: It is time we all grew up;  letter, by Professor Simon Wessely: published in the British Medical Journal on the 09 August 2003

When do researchers lie?  by Doctor Simon Wessely: published in the Irish Independent on 01 November 1994.

The PACE Trial for chronic fatigue syndrome: choppy seas but a prosperous voyage; by Simon Wessely. Published online by The Mental Elf: 04 Nov 2015

Royal College of Psychiatrists declarations of interest for speakers: “Professor Sir Simon Wessely holds a Platinum Award” and gave this talk at the International Congress, 09 Oct 2015: “How to achieve a Clinical Excellence Award.” Full document can be accessed here.

Science Media Centre. Professor Simon Wessely was a founder member and continues to act as a Trustee providing governance of the Science Media Centre.

Other general references are contextual, used solely in terms of the so-termed “two culture” debate

‘Corridors of Power’ by C P Snow

‘A narrative of privilege’ (referring to the “charmed inner circle of official Scotland): By Walter Humes, 13 Mar 2018

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