A pattern language

Once upon a time Alexander McCall Smith gave me a book. It was called “A Pattern Language”.

For the romantic this post is about stories.

For the realist this post is about ethics and science.

Perhaps, like me, you consider yourself to be both a romantic and a realist?

Please note:

This “pattern language” is about organisational patterns rather than any individual.

All sources come from material in the public domain. The key sources are:

  • The Royal College of Psychiatrists
  • The Science Media Centre
  • The Royal Society of Medicine
  • The Mental Elf
  • The Times
  • The BMJ
  • C. P. Snow – ‘The Corridors of Power’
[This post is by me as an individual and does not carry the views of any other, and in particular Alexander McCall Smith. I can provide direct links to all material quoted for fuller consideration of context. Please just contact me.]


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