Conflicts of Interest Questioned in Review of Prescribed Drug Dependence

I was recently interviewed to be part of this MIA podcast that considered financial conflicts of interest in relation to British Psychiatry and in particular in relation to expert contributions made to the on-going Public Health England review into prescribed drug dependence and withdrawal.

I am not on social media but a friend informed me that Dr Paul Morrison, a British Psychiatrist has described this as “another anti-psychiatry attack!” [Dr Morrison has since deleted this tweet but the screenshot is below]

I have sent the following clarification to Dr Paul Morrison:

21 August 2018.

Dear Dr Morrison,
I am not on social media but I have been made aware that you have described this podcast, in which I was part, as “anti-psychiatry”:

For the record I am not a critical psychiatrist nor an anti-psychiatrist nor a scientologist. I am simply aware that any intervention can bring about a range of consequences and believe that it is a professional responsibility and scientific imperative to talk about these.

You have kindly confirmed  that you have not declared on ‘Disclosure UK’ (ABPI) the competing financial interests with the following companies: Valeant, Otsuka, GW Pharmaceuticals, Oxford Pharmagenesis, Pfizer and Boehringer Ingelheim.

My position is that our profession does itself no good by failing to acknowledge evidence which has repeatedly established that competing financial interests can result in worse treatment for patients. There are of course competing interests other than financial but that is no reason to fail to address this one.

Kind wishes
Dr Peter Gordon

Dr Paul Morrison is one of the ‘key opinion leaders’ in British Psychiatry who features in this post

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