President of the British Association for Psychopharmacology

On Monday, 23rd July 2018, the Presidency of the British Association for Psychopharmacology (BAP) was handed over to Professor Allan Young.

Professor Allan Young was the Chair of the Royal College of Psychiatrists’ Psychopharmacology Committee before the current Chair, Professor David Baldwin.

Above photographs are from the BAP 2018 Summer Conference

This short post considers Professor Allan Young and transparency of competing financial interests. I have heard Professor Allan Young described as “the most influential key opinion leader in British psychiatry”. I would agree with this, certainly in terms of his “educational” role in prescribing of psychiatric medications for mood disorders.

This is one comment from an attendee at a BAP course: “Excellent course. All useful info which will help me in day to day prescribing.”

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I wish to repeat that my interest is in transparency of competing financial interests which I believe is essential if we are to ensure appropriate prescribing and minimise prescribed harm. I would urge you to watch this short film that I made a few years ago about the 52nd Maudsley debate:“This house believes that the long term use of psychiatric medications is causing more harm than good.”

Transparency: hold the applause (British Psychiatry)

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