‘Monty’: a doctor and Troll

I have contributed comments to PULSE for some years now. I have benefited as a specialist from hearing the perspectives of GP colleagues.

Following recent comments made by me on antidepressant prescribing, a Troll, who goes under the cover of the pseudonym “Monty”, submitted this comment:

Going by this Troll’s comments on PULSE, he appears to be a disillusioned GP who left UK General Practice in 2009 and is now working in Australia. His comments have been frequently deleted, removed , and moderated by PULSE.

It has been my experience that it is better to try and stand up to bullies, however with trolls one cannot do this. Trolls, even doctor-trolls like “Monty”, hide from reality.

Back to the thread of comments on antidepressant prescribing,“Monty” continued to attack:

“Monty” is referring here to ‘generation snowflake’. This current cultural reference, derogatory as I consider it to be, I do not take seriously, as it is decades since I have been part of the younger generation. I am also of the view that the strongest people are those who are willing to show their real emotions and true selves.

It is “Monty”, the doctor and troll, who is the “snowflake”.

“Monty” does not even have the courage to go by his own name!

In the current BMJ there is a news article on bullying within the medical profession:

I will not give this doctor-troll the satisfaction of feeding his desperate needs. Life is too short!

Goodbye “Monty”!


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