Transparency can be easy

I was interested to read in the Sunday Herald of the 4 March 2018 an update on a petition that has been running for over 5 years with the Scottish Parliament: PE01458: Register of Interests for members of Scotland’s judiciary.

I hugely admire the tenacity of the petitioner, Peter Cherbi, and fully support his determination to ensure that the Judiciary should be required to be open and transparent about any competing interests. I recall being shocked to learn that the former Lord President of the Court of Session, Rt Hon Lord Gill robustly resisted, over a long period of time, giving evidence to parliament. Eventually he agreed to do so but only after he had relinquished his role as Lord President. I watched Lord Gill give his evidence and the recording of this Parliamentary Committee  on the 10th November 2015. I have to say that I found Lord Gill’s performance extraordinary.

On Thursday 29th June 2017 I was in the parliamentary gallery when the successor to Lord Gill was giving evidence. This being Lord Carloway. I was sitting right behind him. I found that I did not share his views on this subject. This film is an edit of the full evidence session which can be watched here:

In the latest update, Sunday Herald, 4 March 2018, the petitioner, Peter Cherbi states:

However, the Judiciary of Scotland is standing fast:


The Editor of the Herald offers this perspective. It is one that I share:

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