This film considers language and perception.

The film is based in Aberdeen where Peter fell in love with Sian. It was filmed in November 2017 when Peter was attending a conference for Aberdeen City Council and where he was facilitating sessions on mental wellbeing titled “Green Spaces and Safe Places”. At this conference, in the Council chamber, a debate took place where a mock motion was made to “ban the use of Jargon, Lingo and negative language”.

The voice you hear is that of the writer Robert Macfarlane where he talks about “deep maps”, language, perception, wilderness, light, silence, place and story.

There are short quotes by Janice Galloway (from ‘The Trick is to keep Breathing’) and by Oscar Wilde (from ‘The Picture of Dorian Gray’)

Gilbert Farie appears. He was the hunched pharmacist that so haunted Robert Louis Stevenson. For Peter, Gilbert Farie has come to represent over-medicalisation and corporate greed.

Scheff’s labelling theory also makes an appearance, but in reality it is all around us.

John Berger once said: “I risk to write nonsense”.

Music credits:
(1) Dark Skies – by Emma Pollock
(2) Bloodstream by Tokio Myers

This film also has footage from “Scotland with Love”

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