I am a worrier and I worry for Scotland’s Minister for Health

If this headline represents the approach of the Scottish Government, well I worry.

It is doctors, not pharmacists, that are licensed to prescribe and to withdraw any prescription.

The scientific community shares the conclusion that it easier to start medications than to stop them.

Scotland’s Minister for Health would seem to be asking pharmacists (unregulated by the General Medical Council) to provide:

“stricter checks on medication involving addictive medications”.

Meantime, my profession and our regulators would seem to avoid issues such as:

  • the continuing “education” of NHS doctors (those who are licensed to prescribe) by financially vested interests
  • that withdrawal from psychotropic medications may precipitate a “relapse” with symptoms worse than those for which medication was first prescribed.
  • that long-term exposure to psychotropic medication may have unforeseen consequences.

I am a worrier and I worry.


4 Replies to “I am a worrier and I worry for Scotland’s Minister for Health”

  1. I do not worry about our Minister for Health, I expect her to have a grasp of the issues around Prescribed Drug Dependence. After all there have been plenty of attempts to inform her from a variety of quarters. To ignore the enormity of this public health issue is a complete dereliction of duty. At a time when the NHS is struggling financially, the Government and the medical profession should be doing everything to keep people well, not making patients sick for years, even decades and then denying all knowledge that this is in fact what they are doing. To keep passing the buck and expecting pharmacists to pick it up or even worse the patients themselves is deplorable. It is not up to patients to realise they are becoming “hooked” as suggested by Ms Robison. Patients do not know they are becoming “hooked”, and by the time they realise there is a problem it is often too late. Sadly, it seems this is a hot potato that no-one is willing to handle and in the meantime patient lives will continue to be destroyed. Such a waste of potential, such a tragic and unnecessary waste.

  2. Well said, Fiona. You really are a champion for patients’ rights.

  3. In my experience over almost 3 decades of what was inappropriate and unnecessary prescribing, I had 3 pharmacists who kindly did try contacting my GP, but were told it was not their place to do so. The GP’s response was that in certain instances the pharmacist was causing unnecessary alarm.

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