Professional confusion

Like all those involved in healthcare I take delirium very seriously. I share in the collective determination to improve our approach, understanding and care of those experiencing this serious condition.

To improve it is important that critical thinking is given room.

This post is about the validated 4AT Rapid Assessment Test for Delirium:

In a recent medical educational lecture organised by Healthcare Improvement Scotland, the 4AT was described as a “screening” test.

One of the authors of the 4AT Rapid Assessment Test described it recently as a “screening tool”:

There seems to be a lack of consistency in the stated purpose of this test/tool.

Has this test/tool been validated for screening or has it been validated for assessment? This is an important scientific and ethical matter in terms of how this test/tool may be both validated and implemented



5 Replies to “Professional confusion”

  1. I usually admire your brevity, but in this case I’m left thinking, was there supposed to be more to this post? Has it been posted prematurely?

  2. Not trying to be difficult, just genuinely confused.

  3. I was treading very carefully in writing this so as not to cause any unintentional offence to those involved with the 4AT Rapid Assessment Test. I have a number of posts about this from a few years back which give the background. Following which I found that the reaction to my posts almost jeopardised my career.

    Apologies then for not being more explicit. I could be. But I am too fearful of the consequences for me.

    1. Thank you, that makes sense.
      So often, people struggle to separate an academic argument or point of view, from a personal attack – particularly where the academic view is strongly held, any criticism seems to be taken personally. It almost makes one want to avoid any disagreement altogether.

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