Has your experience of comunicating with high public office in Scotland been difficult?

If so, might you join me for a demonstration at the Martyrs monument, Calton Hill, Edinburgh on the evening of the 21st August 2017?

My idea is to recreate a gathering around the Martyrs Monument on Calton Hill which stands next to, but taller than, St Andrew’s House (the seat of power).

The foundation stone of the Martyrs Monument was laid by Joseph Hume, MP, on  the 21st of August 1844, when 3,000 people gathered for the occasion.

This year, on the anniversary of this foundation, a total solar eclipse will take place.

Prof Walter Hume in the Scottish Review, 21st September 2015:

“For some time I have been copied into email exchanges concerning how complaints against public bodies are dealt with. I have no personal stake in any of the specific sources of concern (which include patient care in the NHS and responses by Police Scotland, the Scottish Government and the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service (COPFS) to requests for formal investigations). I do, however, have a long-standing interest in issues of public accountability and am familiar with the various techniques used by bureaucratic organisations to avoid responsibility when things go wrong: these include silence, delay, evasion, buck-passing and attempts to discredit complainants.”

Prof Humes went on to say:

“Those who hold high office in public bodies are very adept at defending their own interests. They may claim to support openness and transparency but those principles are not always translated into practice. Bureaucratic Scotland often falls short of the democratic ideals which are said to underpin civic life”


3 Replies to “Has your experience of comunicating with high public office in Scotland been difficult?”

  1. If only I was well enough I would be there, Peter. I hope you get good support. I will look forward to hearing about it. I am fed up receiving standard responses from the Cabinet Minister for Health justifying current policy on prescribed drug dependence. These responses do not address the issues which I have raised so there is no meaningful dialogue.

    1. Thanks Fiona I can entirely understand. We will miss you but do take care. I have had the very same experience with Scottish Government DGHSC – the Department of Health and Social Care. I would go as far as to say some of the “behind the scenes” statements about me (obtained under DATA protection law) were not just uncivil but actually defamatory. The consequence of no more than politely and persistently trying my wee best (one finds one has to be persistent with DGHSC) to put patients first. This is the primary reason why I am protesting peacefully today.

      aye Peter

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