NHS Forth Valley: “Everyone matters”

NHS Scotland has stated its intention to involve its staff in developing services for the future:

Everyone matters

I worked as a consultant for NHS Forth Valley for 13 years.

I resigned last year.

I received this feedback after my resignation.

Whilst I was an employee with NHS Forth Valley I raised concerns about the approach that my organisation took to  the care of our elderly.

In raising concerns I did my best to carefully follow the NHS Forth Valley ‘line-management’ pathway. I was never a “whistleblower”.

Yet I got nowhere.

For politely raising concerns, I was isolated within NHS Forth Valley, mischaracterised and sometimes left to feel like a pathological specimen.

Without any doubt, certain senior colleagues did their best to misrepresent my concerns.

Nobody from  “Everyone Matters” ever visited the community team that I was doctor for. It felt to me at the time that the elders of Clackmannanshire may have mattered less to my employers.

However here is what is said by NHS Forth Valley in this film:

What follows is communication with my employers from this time:

The “Conversation” was introduced as follows, stating that “we [NHS Forth Valley] want staff to feel that they are valued, appreciated [and] that they are fairly treated”:


The meeting I arranged to go to was cancelled:


NHS Forth Valley promised in “Everyone Matters” to visit all staff. Yet this was the response Clackmannanshire CMHTE had:


So, on behalf of the team I was part, I wrote to our Service Manager:


I also confirmed to all levels of NHS Forth Valley management, CEO, Medical Director, Associate Medical Director, General Manager and Service Manager:


No manager replied.


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