“The untidy sunken little plaque still visible on his abdomen”

Three years ago I decided to collect my films under the name “Omphalos”.

As a scientist I have generally found that through naming things we may feel that we can be (or hope to be) more ‘objective.’ This of course may not always be the case! As my medical career has demonstrated to me.

I find as an artist that I do not always want to explain why I have named things. I also worry (perhaps too much) that in naming things we reduce the experience of ‘being in the world’ to a single word or very brief term.

The Black Mirror by Ray Tallis2

Raymond Tallis, in his latest book, does explore, rather wonderfully the biological basis of omphalos. A basis, that when you stop to think about it, turns out to be so much more:

Tallis - Black Mirror (44)b

Baby Peter & his Mummy

              Peter held in his mother's arms

Tallis - Black Mirror (44)c

Omphalos films1

Tallis - Black Mirror (45)

Omphalos films2

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