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What follows is recent correspondence with the organisers of “Latest Advances in Psychiatry”. I can publicly share older correspondence if so wished. It is not dissimilar

From: Gordon, Peter J
Sent: 22 April 2015 11:14
To: ‘
Subject: 14th Latest Advances in Psychiatry Symposium

Dear Izabela,
I hope you do not mind me writing. I seem to recall I contacted you before the previous LAP Symposium and you were very helpful. Though I recall only one of the sponsored talks had an identified speaker at the time we communicated and that was Professor N Farrier.

I have petitioned the Scottish Government for a Sunshine Act which if implemented would make declarations of financial interests a statutory requirement for healthcare workers and academics. I say this to explain my interest. I understand that conflicts of interest are part of life but argue that we should be fully transparent about financial conflicts of interest. I say this as an NHS doctor and psychiatrist of 20 years.

Recently I have been helping the Royal College of Psychiatrists improve transparency and the President Prof Sir Simon Wessely has been most helpful. Yet it still seems the case that College Guidance, CR148, issued 7 years ago is far from generally being followed, let alone governed over this time by the College.

I note the LAP Symposium held last month had three “satellite” symposia: one sponsored by LUNDBECK and two sponsored by SUNOVION.

I was wondering if the public can have open access to the financial basis of such sponsored symposia and where it is clarified who gave the sponsored talk and where publicly they made full declarations of interest as per CR148?

I would hope that declarations for all involved in LAP 13 and 14 have been made, are archived, and publicly available. This should include organisers and Chairman.

I do hope you can help direct me to the level of transparency that is enshrined by the Royal; College of Psychiatrists in CR148 and also, for doctors, the GMC “Good Medical Practice”.

Kind wishes
Dr Peter J Gordon
Bridge of Allan

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