A pattern language

Sandy McCall Smith a bioethicist and writer wrote to me after watching one of my films.


McCall Smith, aware of my background, suggested that I might like to read “A pattern language”. This book has changed my approach to how I attempt to communicate through Hole Ousia. It made me more aware that I see the world as much through images as words. This being some of my pattern of language.

A recent article “Myth-based medicine” by Dr Saul Miller published in the British Journal of General Practice considers the doctor, medical narratives and patterns:

Myths and patterns (8)

This commentary asks “what is this thing we call expertise?”Myths and patterns (1)

Professor Philip J Cowen recently questioned if Professor Healy was “replacing one myth with another myth?” So it was with interest that I read Dr Saul Miller’s published commentary in the British Journal of General Practice:

Myths and patterns (5)

Myths and patterns (6)

Myths and patterns (2)

Myths and patterns (7)

The Greek Myths

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