“battling” [the] “horrible”

Last Sunday I watched and listened to the Secretary State of Health on BBC One:

Jeremy Hunt2

The Secretary of state began:

battling horrible - J Hunt1

Politicians often use military metaphors when discussing health and care:battle definition

Our Prime Minister, David Cameron, has, along with the Alzheimer’s Society, led this “fighting talk”:

Jeremy Hunt, the Secretary State of Health, continued from Westminster:

They tend - J Hunt1

I was struck by the Secretary of State’s use of the word “tend”. Here is the dictionary definition:

tend definition

Is it accurate, based on epidemiology and established science, to say that those over the age of 70 “tend to have” dementia? Might this add to fear? Might this even be a form of ageism?

Dr Margaret McCartney said in her recent BMJ column ” we need a revolution where patients truly come first, not politicians.”NHS emancipation from government 18-4-15

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