Psychopharmacology Committee: Royal College of Psychiatrists

Psychpharmacology Committee

This is the current membership of the Psychopharmacology Committee of the Royal College of Psychiatrists. It has eleven members and is chaired by Professor Allan Young.

I had expected that all members of this Committee would have ensured full declarations of interest. Along with the biographies 2/3rds of the Committee have given declarations. It is worth having a look at these.

Dr Ben Goldacre, on social media recently said this “I really wish the Royal College of Psychiatrists would show some leadership and do Conflict of Interest declaration properly. Not hard, happy to help. It’s unnecessary and embarrassing to be resistant on this issue, we need to be seen to be clean by our patients.”

I would like to see a wider variety of experience in the membership of such an influential committee. I note the committee includes an individual with “lived experience” and welcome this. Perhaps the Committee could also include a public health expert and an ethicist. I would like to see Committees such as these have the resources to be more critical of prevailing approaches.



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