“Freedom to speak up” and a “Stronger voice”

Last week Sir Robert Francis, QC, published his review Freedom to Speak Up.

I was interested in this review given my recent experiences.

In putting patients first I have always supported an open and honest culture.

Recently I was fortunate to meet Richard Norris, Director of The Scottish Health Council:

Stronger voice

I fully support a stronger voice for all. A strong voice may also be a critical voice.

These two separate reviews remind me of a rewarding partnership I have with Chrys Muirhead. I am a doctor and so the first review applies most to me. Chrys Muirhead is a carer and activist, and the second review applies most to her.

Our shared experience has been of the considerable difficulties we have each had in raising critical questions. In sharing our knowledge and experience we have, together, found greater empowerment. This has been an enlightening experience for me.

Empowerment and enlightenment







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