A Sunshine Act for Scotland

I cannot promise sunshine (who can) but here is a pattern that appears in the daylight of today.

Hole Ousia found new direction after Alexander McCall Smith recommended “A Pattern Landscape”


This post is based on the recent considerations (27th January 2015) by the Petitions Committee on my petition for a  “Sunshine Act”

Kenny Macaskill, MSP gave this response to my petition:

Kenny Macaskill states to the Petitions Committee: “we have got to give them some opportunity” [Scottish Government]  … “I don’t think that can be done quickly as it is quite complex”. HDL-62

HDL (2003) 62 was issued 13 years ago. It was addressed to every NHS chief executive in Scotland.

Kenny MacAskill states that “it does seem to me [for there to be] a willingness to look into this”

Evidence reveals that such “willingness” has been largely ignored by NHS Boards since HDL (2003) 62 was issued more than a decade ago.

Jackson Carlaw, MSP: “can I say how I am delighted to agree with Mr MacAskill”

Appreciating this evidence, John Wilson, MSP, gave this “note of discordance” to the Committee:

20th January 2015: “Despite numerous reminders, no response has been received from the Scottish Government. In light of this and concerns raised in your correspondence with the Committee’s clerking team, it is advisable for you to direct your concerns directly to the Public Petitions Committee by way of a short written submission that will be published online and circulated for the Committee’s meeting on 27 January 2015”

I sent this reply three days later. I could not do any more.

The basis of my petition, it occurs to me, may risk being lost in procedure:

HDL (2003) 62 made it clear who was accountable. Alex Neil, former Cabinet Minister (17 May 2014) “asked officials to urgently investigate why some NHS boards have not put in place registers as covered by the 2003 circular. Alex Neil believes the guidance is clear that this action should have been taken, and we are looking for clarification on why some boards have not acted.”

My investigations have demonstrated that this financial basis to “medical education” is largely hidden in NHS Scotland. This despite General Medical Council guidance.

Accountability is passed like a parcel.




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