NHS Tayside – Update on Registers of Interest for all staff

Ms Lesley McLay
Chief Executive,
Tayside Board Headquarters,
Level 10,
Ninewells Hospital and Medical School,

15th December 2014

Dear Ms McLeay,
I am writing to seek further update on NHS Tayside’s compliance with HDL(2003)62. I am concerned that NHS Tayside do not seem to be fully complying with this Scottish Government Guidance. I shall briefly set out what NHS Tayside has confirmed on this matter.

I first wrote to NHS Tayside about this in February 2013. This was part of writing to all 22 NHS Boards in Scotland.

I was told: “I wish to confirm that NHS Tayside will have a commercial sponsorship register available in a format suitable for being made public by week ending 31 January 2014.”

NHS Tayside supplied a PDF file entitled “Public Record of Sponsorship”. I can find no link to this on the NHS Tayside website. Perhaps I may not be looking in the correct place? This is a screenshot of, what seems to be, the relevant NHS Tayside page. It links ONLY to BOARD members interests:


The “Public Record of Sponsorship” has 16 entries by individual employees of NHS Tayside (as some individuals have made several entries). 16 entries from 2011 to the end of 2013. This is a surprisingly small number. There were only two staff entries in 2012.

The “Public Record of Sponsorship” does not name staff but only gives designation (see sample below from one of the 2 pages of your “register”)


In April of this year, NHS Tayside confirmed the following to the Scottish Government:


Ms McLay, I would welcome your thoughts on:

(1) NHS Tayside’s compliance with HDL (2003) 62

(2) Your view as Chief Executive whether NHS Tayside’s “Public Record of Sponsorship” is a complete and accurate record of financial payments made to all employees of NHS Tayside?

I would be grateful if you could provide me with the public link to NHS Tayside’s “Public Record of Sponsorship” for all staff.

Yours sincerely
Dr Peter Gordon

I received the following reply from Lesley McLay, Chief Executive, NHS Tayside, on 30th December 2014:



The public link to the NHS Tayside Register of Interests for all staff [as per above letter].

At the end of January I will follow Ms McLay’s guidance, and check if the register has been updated. Though it will be impossible to verify, that as a Register, if it will be “complete and accurate”. As it currently is, there are so few entries, that it seems unlikely that HDL 62 is being followed despite staff reminders.

I have let Ms McLay know, by follow-up e-mail, that, to the best of my knowledge, no other Health Board in Scotland lists declarations by designation. Rather staff, in other NHS Health Boards, are listed by full name.

I remain concerned about NHS Tayside’s commitment to transparency.

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