NHS Grampian – Update on Register of Interests for all staff

Malcolm Wright
Interim Chief Executive
NHS Grampian
Summerfield House
2 Eday Road

15th December 2014

Dear Malcolm Wright,
In July 2013 I had a most helpful response from Andrew Jackson on behalf of NHS Grampian in terms of my question (that I put to all Scottish NHS Boards) about a publicly accessible Register of Interests for ALL staff.

I have picked out two sentences of this reply that indicate that NHS Grampian had no such Register for all staff and as such was failing to comply with HDL (2003) 62:

“…no such register is maintained and therefore a copy is unable to be provided to you….In all of the circumstances therefore, NHS Grampian is unable to provide a register to meet your requirements.”

NHS Grampian provided an update to the Scottish Government in April 2014. I include it below:


I would be interested in hearing how NHS Grampian are progressing with this, 18 months on from my original FOI enquiry.

As a reminder, I append below, Scottish Government Circular HDL (2003) 62 and what it asks of Chief Executives.

For transparency to be meaningful I would argue that Registers need to be publicly accessible through each NHS Board’s website. NHS Forth Valley are doing this: http://nhsforthvalley.com/publications/policies-and-procedures/

Yours sincerely

Dr Peter J. Gordon



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