NHS Ayrshire and Arran: Update on Register of Interest for all staff

Subject: Compliance with HDL (2003) 62

Mr John Burns
Chief Executive
Eglinton House
Ailsa Hospital

14th December 2014.

Dear Mr Burns,
In April 2013 I wrote to NHS Ayrshire & Arran about Registers of Interest for ALL staff. In a written reply, dated 31 May 2013, I was told by Ann Catherine Wilson “There are no payments from pharmaceutical companies on the register of interests.” This was stated in relation to a link to Board Members Registers of Interest.

I wrote back to NHS Ayrshire & Arran, pointing out that this Register was for Board members only.

I had a reply on the 11 June 2013 from your organisation:

“Discussions are ongoing to create a register to encompass the whole organisation … we are in the process of updating our Model Publication Scheme to include this register which will be published on our public website.”

A more recent reply to the Scottish Government (letter dated 14 April 2014). Below is the relevant section for NHS Ayrshire and Arran:


I would be most grateful if you could update us on progress made on HDL(2003) 62 and whether you have, as promised “create[d] a register to encompass the whole organisation” that NHS Ayrshire & Arran would “publish on our public website.”

Yours sincerely
Dr Peter J Gordon

(Petitioner for A Sunshine Act/Clause)

* Appended below is HDL(2003) 62 and what the Scottish Government asked of Chief Executives.


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