Seeking Transparency

Over a year has passed since I had an uncomfortable experience at work through trying to encourage transparency regarding pharmaceutical sponsored medical education.

Over that period of time, despite wider discussion, I am not sure that very much progress has been made, and for this reason I think it would be helpful to share my experience.

I have for several years now collected examples of sponsored medical education across the UK. This was my individual effort to aid general transparency.  The pinterest board automatically generates a tweet of new posts.

The following sponsored education was circulated in August 2013 by Dr Rhona Morrison, Associate Medical Director of NHS Forth Valley to medical staff. I posted the flyer on the pinterest board as I have done with all other examples of sponsored medical education that came my way.

ADHD Academy as cascaded by AMD, Dr Rhona Morrison, Aug 2013

A few weeks later I received an undated and unsigned letter from the Associate Medical Director which formally expressed concerns that my “behaviour” had been “offensive and unprofessional”. This letter summoned me to a meeting with her colleague, Medical Director, Dr Peter Murdoch and another senior colleague, Kathy O’Neill, General Manager. I was also encouraged in this letter to “reflect on my behaviour”.



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  1. We must stand up to management when they classify ““behaviour” as “offensive and unprofessional”. It usually means that it is challenging systems, often appropriately; and that rather than address the points raised they wish to bully you into silence.

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