NHS Greater Glasgow – Register of Interest

As petitioner for the Sunshine Act I undertook Freedom of Information Requests to all 22 NHS Boards in Scotland to establish if Boards had  Registers of Interest for ALL staff. The findings revealed that most Boards did not.



The above guidance, HDL 62, was issued by the Scottish Government in 2003:

“Chief Executives are asked to establish a register of interest for all NHS employees and Primary Care contractors”. 

In reply (June 2013) to a Freedom of Information Request NHS Greater Glasgow provided the following Register of Interests for all staff (if you click on link, top right “download original attachment” you will get the Excel spreadsheet). There are a total of 64 entries (from 27 employees) covering a five year period (the first entry is dated 10-9-2008, and the last entry 15-5-2013).

Here is a screenshot of part of the Register for NHS Greater Glasgow:


NHS Greater Glasgow is the largest health board in the United Kingdom, serving 1.2 million people and employing 38,000 staff.

The above Register of Interest supplied by NHS Greater Glasgow covers 5 years and has entries for just 27 separate employees. One has to wonder how comprehensive and  how representative this register of Interests actually is?

The former, Cabinet Minister for Health and Wellbeing has confirmed in writing what HDL 62 “made clear” of all Scottish Health Boards:


The Sunday Herald, published in Glasgow, gave this recent Editorial:





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