NHS Orkney – Register of Interests

29 May 2013

Dear Mr Gordon,
I apologise that the response issued was not clear and hope the following will provide clarification.

NHS Orkney is a small remote and rural health board and during 2012/2013 there were no items submitted/received for inclusion in the register of interests for staff members – if there were it would have been given as an appendix to the document you received.

Therefore I can confirm that within NHS Orkney no employees of NHS Orkney received payments from pharmaceutical companies.

It may be of interest to note the following extract from NHS Orkney’s Code of Corporate Governance – Standards of Business Conduct for NHS Staff

Gifts, which could place an individual in a position of conflict, between their private interests and that required in the execution of their NHS duties should be politely but firmly declined. MEL (1994) 48 provides that staff may accept gifts of low intrinsic value or small tokens of gratitude (such as diaries or calendars). This code deems the acceptable level to be £20. If in doubt, staff must contact their line manager before acceptance.

All gifts accepted within the limit by staff must be declared to their line manager. Managers should on a regular basis provide this information to the Board Secretary for recording in the Register of Gifts and Hospitality.

Kirsty Sutherland
Freedom of Information (FOI) Officer
NHS Orkney Headquarters,
Garden House,
New Scapa Road,
KW15 1BQ

Full communication with NHS Orkney: https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/register_of_payments_from_pharma_161#outgoing-276788

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