NHS Lothian – Register of Interests

6 July 2013

I must advise that information in relation to NHS Lothian’s Register of Interest for Board Members and the Gift and Hospitality Register is available via the following link:-


There are no other centrally held registers held within NHS Lothian and any such register would necessarily identify the payments to staff.  Normal practice would be to declare the interest, not the financial amount.  If someone received payments through secondary employment, we would not have that info.

Ideally any transactions should be on a firm footing directly between the Board and the company.  The appropriateness of the relationship should be considered before it is pursued.

With the exception of HDL (2003) 62, which can be found via the following link:- http://intranet.lothian.scot.nhs.uk/NHSLothian/Corporate/Policies/NHSLothianStandingOrdersPack/Applying%20Principles%20of%20Good%20Business%20Conduct/Guidance%20-%20HDL%20200362.pdf), and Board Members register, we do not maintain a standing register of interests for all employees.  Employees are meant to declare relevant interests as and when required, and then it will be recorded and considered accordingly.

Yours sincerely
Alan Boyter
Director of Human Resources and Organisational Development
NHS Lothian

Cc: Chief Executive

Full correspondence here: https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/register_of_payments_from_pharma_160#outgoing-278490

Our Secretary for Health and Wellbeing on this matter:


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