NHS Fife – Register of Interests

11 February 2013
Subject: RE: FOI Request 2126 – Hospitality register

Dear NHS Fife
I am so grateful for your help and for providing the various  spreadsheets for NHS Fife submissions to its Hospitality Register.

At first view I cannot find any mention of honoraria for lectures  given on behalf of any party outwith the NHS. It may be there have  been none. Could you perhaps confirm this?

Kind wishes,
Peter Gordon

15 February 2014
RE: FOI Request 2126 – Hospitality register

Dear Dr Gordon
It is each member of staff’s responsibility to record any items of hospitality or areas of interest. This is outlined in the Code of Corporate Governance. If they have not provided that information to us then we would not be able to register it. I suppose the answer is that our registers contain all declared details and to our knowledge no member of staff has received an honoraria for lectures given on behalf of any part outwith the NHS.

Yours sincerely
FOI Lead Officer,
NHS Fife


It should be noted that NHS Fife can provide a Register for only ONE year: 2012-13. Yet as Alex Neil, Cabinet Secretary for Health and Wellbeing confirms, it was TEN years ago, in 2003 that HDL (2003) 62made it clear that all Health Boards should establish a Register of Interests fr all NHS employees ..”

The four separate registers for 2012-2013 can be accessed here (one covers Board members only)http://www.nhsfife.org/nhs/index.cfm?fuseaction=nhs.pagedisplay&p2sid=71B12675-9C8C-A40F-C98B59DDC8C9C917&themeid=3B984BF2-65BF-00F7-D42941481355468F (scroll to bottom of the page)

The full communication with NHS Fife can be accessed here: https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/register_of_payments_from_pharma_165#outgoing-277750

Only one payment disclosed: “CHP Annual Conference received a total of £2,400 contribution towards hospitality and exhibition space from 7 Pharmaceutical Companies”


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