Greater Glasgow NHS – Register of Interests

5 June 2013
Greater Glasgow NHS

Dear Mr Gordon
Thank you for your request for information received on 8 May 2013 by NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde relating to register of payments from pharmaceutical companies to staff as described in your email below.

We are treating your request under our procedures for responding to requests for information under the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002.

I can confirm that NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde holds information as described by you.

As a general principle where decisions are being taken about medicines that could be influenced by a personal or non-personal interest then declarations of interest are made and appropriate action taken in terms of non-participation or actual participation in the discussions, however, the information is not necessarily routinely collated. Individual staff members are expected to record such information in the on-line register.

The medicines advisory structures tend to have a more formal collation of interests from members:

  • Members of the medicines advisory structures complete a standard declaration of interest proforma.
  • At each meeting those attending are required to declare interests when relevant to agenda items.
  • Participants in Clinical Guideline Development Groups make a declaration of interest, noted on the documentation, but not routinely collated.
  • Applicants and panel members for each Individual Patient Treatment Request make declaration of interest.

I am able to provide the information you have requested and the following is attached:-

  • Icon 1  – Extract from NHSGGC Code of Conduct for Staff on-line register
  • Icon 2 –  Sample of declaration of interest proforma
  • Icon 3 – Area Drugs and Therapeutics Committee and Associated Sub
  • Committees [Some declarations have still to be received]
  • Icon 4 – Pharmacy and Prescribing Support Unit Executive Group
  • Icon 5 – FOI requirement for review
  • Icon 6 – Review Form.

Yours sincerely
Elizabeth Watt

Secretariat Department
J B Russell House
Gartnavel Royal Hospital

Full communication with Greater Glasgow NHS is here (including attached Excel spreadsheets):

Summary spreadsheet of all FOI returns here (due to the heterogeneity of the returns this is a rough guide at best):

Alex Neil, Cabinet Secretary for Health and Wellbeing considers this matter:


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